Christmas Keepsake Ornament

My family loves Christmas time! It’s honestly our favorite time of the year. And with the holidays swiftly approaching and my little one growing and developing by the second, I was in hot pursuit of ways to commemorate his second Christmas. Out of all the artsy craftsy ideas out there, most were eliminated due to the fact that my son hates (and I mean LOATHES) having his hands dirty, or sticky, or touched at all really. So all those adorable hand print crafts would lead to tears and defeat the purpose of our merry little Christmas. But alas! I finally came upon one that even we could do!!!

The concept is simple, take a ribbon measurement of your child’s current height and put it in an ornament. The best part is that for less than $10, I completed this task with smiles all around!

What you will need:

  • Clear plastic ornament
  • Ribbon (I chose a fun feather boa instead)
  • Glitter letter stickers to personalize
  • Place card or card stock (I wrote inside “This ornament is special indeed! The ribbon inside is the same size as me!”)
  • Hole punch

I hope this sparks more festive ideas for other moms out there! Please share if it does! We would love to see what you all come up with. Merry Christmas everyone! And may you and your loved ones have a blessed New Year.


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