Mr ONEderful Birthday Party

We had a fabulous time planning for our little man’s first birthday! I wanted to do a theme fit for the ONEderful baby boy that he is. Of course the challenge is always finding ways to party big on a small budget. I wanted to share what we came up with and some ways to make it happen:

1. DIY baby! 

I made everything I could using supplies that I got from Hobby Lobby (using their 40% off coupon) or the dollar store. If you’re not fortunate enough to have either of those near by, Walmart is another good option. The high chair banner, ombré smash cake and personalized birthday sign shown below are a few of the DIY projects I tackled for this party.



2. Keep it simple.

Except for the “Mr ONEderful” themed cupcake toppers (again from Hobby Lobby- love that coupon) we kept everything else quite simple by staying within the same color pallet. This creates a nice cohesive look with all of your DIY items and saves you from having to purchase the entire isle of themed decorations. The 12 month photo banner shown below was an online purchase and the ONE wooden letters were purchased from Hobby Lobby and then painted navy blue.


3. Party time!

Schedule the party for brunch or linner. This allows you to focus on a nice spread instead of a full meal. Which also happens to work out perfectly when timed around a nap!



I hope these ideas give you some inspiration of your own! Please share if it does. You can also check out this link to my pinterest board for even more photos and ideas from this party and other events: Mr ONEderful Birthday Party

Good luck with your party and happy planning!

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